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Out of the Wilderness.
Into the Promised Land.

Eleven40 Glory is an intergenerational ministry on a mission to share truth, unite generations, and ignite nations by supporting personal, professional, and spiritual development. We were founded in 2017 to serve as a reminder to Obey God in every new season, place, and journey - through the Wilderness and into the Glorious Promised Land. 

In the Old Testament, Eleven40 refers to the number of days (11) it should have taken the Israelites to leave Egypt and make it to the Promised Land, compared to the actual number of years (40) it took.

Everyone journeys to their own  “promised land” but the question is - will it take 11 Days or 40 Years?


Don’t let your 11 Become 40. Inherit His Glory.

Blogs, books, conferences, online workshops, retreats, you name it, we’re about it! Whatever it takes to support your personal, professional, and spiritual growth we want to be the bridge between you, the Wilderness, and Your Promised Land. 

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So, what's all this talk about the promised land?

You’re still here so let me tell you! The Promise Land - or what we call God’s Glory - are all of the places we’ve been called to live, work, play, and exist. It can be a place or a purpose.

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